Jurisdiction Analysis

Jurisdiction Analysis (abstract)

Jurisdiction analysis towards The Obligation of having fluent Reading Skill of Koran for students and Pre-married couples (Local regulation number 6/2003, Bulukumba Regency)

This research is purposed to know how far the District Regulation Fundamental Laws no 6/2003 Bulukumba Regency, either the fundamental laws that give authority or the fundamental laws that gives order, is directly related to the Obligation of Having fluent Reading Skill of Koran for students and Pre-married couples; to know how far the principles of law order designing are fulfilled in District Regulation 06/2003 Bulukumba Regency; to know the adjustment of the obligation of Having fluent Reading Skill of Koran for pre-married couples to Marriage Law and Islamic Compilation Law about Marriage. Baca lebih lanjut


Himpunan Intelektual Muda Toraja Raya (HIMToR)

Kelompok kaum muda Toraja Raya mengadakan diskusi untuk membentuk HIMToR (Himpunan Intelektual Muda Toraja Raya), pada Sabtu, 6 Juni 2009, Pukul 09.00 – 16.00 wita, bertempat di Hotel Celebes, Jl. G. Latimojong Makassar, Pemahaman “Toraja Raya” yang berkembang adalah secara etnis (Tana Toraja, Toraja Utara, Toraja Duri, Toraja Luwu, Toraja Mamasa, Toraja Kalumpang, Toraja Seko, Toraja Luwu, Toraja Enrekang, Toraja Pinrang). Toraja Raya adalah sebutan yang luas dan tidak hanya masyarakat Toraja yang berasal dari Kabupaten Tana Toraja/Utara.

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Personification Metaphoric of Wisdom

Personification Metaphoric of Wisdom (abstract)

The concept of Biblical Wisdom, especially the book of Proverbs, contains wise advice and is different form the semantic/lexical meaning of the word “wisdom” in Indonesian. It can be perceived from angle of practical teaching/facet; knowledge/skill; literatures; and is understood as metaphoric personification. Write tries to discuss the personified expressions/statements of wisdom written in the book of Proverbs, and as a comparison, books of Deuterocanonica, book of Proverbs, book of Sirakh and book of 1Corinthians are discussed as well. The abundant meanings of Biblical wisdom are so wide and deep. These concepts of biblical virtues are comprehended from point of practical teaching/consult; point of knowledge/skill; point of literatures; and also comprehended as metaphoric personification. The virtue as teaching or practical advice emphasizes intellectual cases and expertise in carrying out tasks, as advisors working in palaces; virtues as literatures are obviously seen in a package of language or linguistic that uses sayings, proverbs, parables… Baca lebih lanjut