Jurisdiction Analysis

Jurisdiction Analysis (abstract)

Jurisdiction analysis towards The Obligation of having fluent Reading Skill of Koran for students and Pre-married couples (Local regulation number 6/2003, Bulukumba Regency)

This research is purposed to know how far the District Regulation Fundamental Laws no 6/2003 Bulukumba Regency, either the fundamental laws that give authority or the fundamental laws that gives order, is directly related to the Obligation of Having fluent Reading Skill of Koran for students and Pre-married couples; to know how far the principles of law order designing are fulfilled in District Regulation 06/2003 Bulukumba Regency; to know the adjustment of the obligation of Having fluent Reading Skill of Koran for pre-married couples to Marriage Law and Islamic Compilation Law about Marriage.

This Research analyses the texts of District regulation no 6/2003, Bulukumba regency with Jurisdiction-Normative and Case Approach. The Approaches study cases from legal aspect that presents in various regulation laws in Indonesia that are entangled to cases that are being studied. Whereas, Case Approach analyzes the law foundations of District regulation that are prescriptive. The Data analysis that is used is Descriptive-Qualitative.

The result of the research shows that Law foundations that are used in District Regulation 06 2003, some, are not directly related to District Regulation substances. The Principles of Designing Regulation laws are not thoroughly fulfilled by District Regulation no 06/2003 Bulukumba Regency.  In human rights enforcement, The District Regulation does not consider the right of union for disabled persons. District Regulation is less appropriate to Marriage Laws and Islamic Compilation Law.


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