Personification Metaphoric of Wisdom

Personification Metaphoric of Wisdom (abstract)

The concept of Biblical Wisdom, especially the book of Proverbs, contains wise advice and is different form the semantic/lexical meaning of the word “wisdom” in Indonesian. It can be perceived from angle of practical teaching/facet; knowledge/skill; literatures; and is understood as metaphoric personification. Write tries to discuss the personified expressions/statements of wisdom written in the book of Proverbs, and as a comparison, books of Deuterocanonica, book of Proverbs, book of Sirakh and book of 1Corinthians are discussed as well. The abundant meanings of Biblical wisdom are so wide and deep. These concepts of biblical virtues are comprehended from point of practical teaching/consult; point of knowledge/skill; point of literatures; and also comprehended as metaphoric personification. The virtue as teaching or practical advice emphasizes intellectual cases and expertise in carrying out tasks, as advisors working in palaces; virtues as literatures are obviously seen in a package of language or linguistic that uses sayings, proverbs, parables…

The main focus of discussing this thesis is at the metaphoric personification virtue, without neglecting dimension of wisdom in other understanding. To reach the main focus, this qualitative research uses expository-research approach and keywords and lexicographic keywords approach. Through this method, the writer consistently focuses on keywords that indicate wisdom as person.

The result of expository research towards the main study of Proverbs and comparative study of book of Deuterocanonica, book of Solomon’s Wisdom, book of Sirakh and book of 1 Corinthian, shows the elements of metaphoric personification Wisdom such as: as a person of woman/ mother, Classic Prophets, God the Creator, and Jesus Christ. The virtue as a mother keeps advising every mankind to have a straight path of life; The virtue as a prophet keeps exclaiming people to repent along the roads; The virtue as God states His existence that yields creations; The virtue as Christ states that God’s virtue is the highest, that is hidden now is proclaimed. Virtue as metaphoric personification of a woman/mother, prophet, God, and Christ. The implication for contemporary Christians is strongly directed to the core of Christian Faith, namely: Jesus Christ. Metaphoric personification virtue grants positive implications for virtue movement of Christian Faith nowadays. A Movement of Christian virtue that is persistently motherly, critically prophetic, and divinely, in understanding of salvation or true life. This Christian virtue movement goes into all aspects of daily life. Precious contribution of this Old Testament is expected to gradually strengthen Christian Faith through Wisdom Christology, in Post-modernism context with secular rationalistic characteristic.


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  1. very good. God Bless U & Indonesi

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